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… comfortable and country.

Who's in It:Ashley Judd, Jeffrey Donovan, Diane Ladd, Tim Blake Nelson, Laura Prepon

The Basics: Judd plays a bed-hopping construction contractor with daddy issues. Then she meets a man with a slow hand. She tries to let him love her the right way. Then she gets a dog. What I'm trying to say is that not much happens in this movie and what does pass by as plot is stuff you've heard before. But somehow it's still sweet.

What's the Deal? Judd's first movie was Ruby in Paradise (an indie no one saw), but it was sort of like this one — broken-in and comfortable and country. Then Judd went Hollywood and starred in a bunch of crap. So she was smart to go back to this sort of thing. It's just a better brand of movie.

This Is What Happened to That Girl From Chasing Amy: Joey Lauren Adams, who starred in that Kevin Smith film, wrote and directed this. It's her first movie. And she isn't bad at it either.

A Thing That's Wrong With This Movie: I know that Adams is from the South and all, but here's something I think I know better (since I'm from there, too): women don't go outside without fixing up their hair. Unlike Judd in this movie. But her character is also a borderline drunk, so maybe that's why they thought they could justify it. But they can't. I'm just sayin'.

Not Counting All the Other Awful Crap She's Been In: This beats the pants off movies like Where the Heart Is, where Judd played a character named Lexie Coop (the least ridiculous of all the "Southern" names in that film, where people called themselves things like Pugnacity Cornswallow), and the entire plot seemed to be drunk on peach-flavored Boone's Farm.


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