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You won't be annoyed too much …

Who's in It: Raven-Symoné, Martin Lawrence

The Basics: Raven wants to go to college far away in Georgetown, but Martin, the ridiculously overprotective father, wants her to stay close to home at Northwestern. The solution? Wacky road trip, of course, full of young Disney stable regulars (stunt-casting for kids) and exaggerated weirdos like Donny Osmond (stunt-casting for parents).

What's the Deal? It's a sweet, purely G-rated family film about college in the way that High School Musical is one about high school, a fantasy for seven-year-old kids like the old Kurt Russell Disney-goes-to-college movies — The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, for example. Anything you see is aimed for an elementary schooler's idea of higher education. You won't be annoyed too much, and your kids will love it.

Creepy Is in the Eye of the Beholder: It takes an older set of eyes (and, truthfully, a set of eyes jaded from years of watching indie films full of unhealthy family dynamics) to think of the father character as pathologically obsessed with infantilizing his teenage daughter. But if it helps keep you from being bored while the little kids you're chaperoning are enjoying themselves, then overanalyze away.

Did You Think Raven Wouldn't Sing? Because You'd Be Wrong About That If You Did: This is a young woman who put out CDs when she was about eight with songs like "Raven Is the Flavor." And she's insisted on doing it ever since. She manages to engage an entire bus full of Japanese tourists in a chorus of "Double Dutch Bus," vamping directly into the camera the entire way.

Best Parts: There's a piglet that does somersaults and flies and jumps on things and flushes toilets. It should have its own movie.


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