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Who's In It: Josh Stewart, Karley Scott Collins, Juan Fernandez, Jabari Thomas, Colvin Roberson, Michael Reilly Burke

The Basics: This guy kills a bunch of people. Why? Just because it's rad to kill a bunch of people. How? In traps that are less complicated but way more plentiful than the ones in the Saw movies, which the writers and director of this movie helped create. And to what end? Your repulsion or your semi-regular fix of reasonably entertaining supergore. I'm in the latter camp.

What's The Deal: If you read my reviews on this site regularly, you'll know that I usually give a pass to movies like this because I enjoy watching a decapitation for its own sake. Brutality and gore are cinematic nutrients most people leave out of their film-viewing diets. But that's all you get here. Nothing more, nothing less. The lack of motive and psychological garbage about "here's why the beast kills" is sort of refreshing, because the last thing I want to do is "understand" the maniac (unless it's in the 1980 movie Maniac where his reasons are really greasy and disturbing), but if you're a horror fan you've seen most of this kind of thing before.

Nice Touches: And by "nice" I mean demented. There are some animal deaths here that seem designed to do nothing but horrify and offend pet lovers. And there's a child-in-danger element that is pretty harrowing too. Usually it's consenting adults being slaughtered in films like this and not defenseless kitties and cute little kids. Oh, and I like the death-by-bear-traps part too.

Rampant Bottom-Line Calculation: The ending guarantees a sequel even if it's just a straight-to-DVD option. It comes from people who know about the diminishing creative returns of horror franchises and they seem determined to get their own going. So good luck on that one. Or whatever.


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