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Clue Review

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Critics scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating more favorable reviews.

  • 2.0

    out of 100

    Generally unfavorable reviews
    based on a weighted average of all
    critic review scores.

  • 20

    out of 100

    The New York Times Janet Maslin

    there is so little genuine wit to be found in ''Clue.'' The film does have a speedy pace, but that could hardly be confused with Mr. Hawks's madcap humor; instead, it involves a lot of running around through secret passages, and some slapstick routines involving dead bodies. The actors are meant to function as an ensemble, but that merely means that they often repeat the same line simultaneously.

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  • 40

    out of 100

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    Inspired by the Parker Brothers board game of the same name, Clue is more frenetic than funny, more strained than suspenseful or scary. In fact, it's not the least bit scary or suspenseful but instead quickly grows tedious. The more you struggle to keep track of the constantly multiplying plot developments, the harder it gets to care who did it. [13 Dec 1985, p.6]

  • 50

    out of 100

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    Lots of sight gags and one-liners are attempted, but few of them succeed. The cast is talented but stranded in weak material.

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  • 63

    out of 100

    Chicago Tribune Gene Siskel

    There's a movie here, and there's a gimmick. The gimmick undermines the movie and the gimmick is attached to the wrong part of the movie. Other than that, Clue offers a few big laughs early on followed by a lot of characters running around on a treadmill to nowhere. [13 Dec 1985, p.38]

  • 80

    out of 100


    Clue is campy, high-styled escapism. In a short 87 minutes that just zip by, the well-known board game's one-dimensional card figures like Professor Plum and others become multi-dimensional personalities with enough wit, neuroses and motives to intrigue even the most adept whodunnit solver.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

OK for kids 12+

Tedious movie based on board game; some innuendo, violence.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Clue is the 1985 movie based on characters and objects in the Parker Brothers board game. As it's a slapstick farce of a movie, there is frequent sexual innuendo and double entendres. Male characters gawk at female characters, including a maid dressed in a sexy uniform. One of the characters is a madam in a brothel. There also is drinking, cigarette smoking, and pipe smoking. Although the violence is cartoonish, characters are murdered, and some characters are shown bleeding from the head or chest.

  • Families can talk about board games and which others, if any, might be good candidates for being adapted into a movie. How would the movie be different from the game?
  • If you could make your own movie version of Clue, what would it be like?
  • Which of the three possible endings did you like best? Why?

The good stuff
  • message true0

    Messages: The movie is too cartoonish and slapstick-heavy to have anything in the way of positive messages.

  • rolemodels true0

    Role models: The characters are too cartoonishly ludicrous to be considered positive role models.

What to watch for
  • violence false3

    Violence: Murder done in a kind of slapstick manner, with bodies being dragged around and placed in awkward positions. A man is shown with his head bloodied. Gunshots in the dark. A woman is killed with a rope around her neck. Another woman is found with a knife in her back.

  • sex false2

    Sex: Mild sexual innuendo and sight gags throughout. One of the characters is a madam in a brothel. The maid dresses in a sexy uniform; male characters often gawk at her breasts and rear end. There is a joke involving a sexual position, which two of the characters show while fully clothed. A man places his hand on a woman's rear end.

  • language false2

    Language: "Damn," "Jesus." Frequent mild sexual innuendo and double entendres throughout. A presumed homosexual character is called "fruit."

  • consumerism false3

    Consumerism: This movie is based on the popular Parker Brothers board game of the same name.

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false2

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Characters drink brandy, wine, and whiskey. Characters smoke cigarettes and pipes.