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… a comedy by default?

Who's in It: Ewan McGregor, Colin Farrell, Tom Wilkinson

The Basics: Two London brothers, desperate for money, turn to murder. Things go wrong, and they begin to bicker. Then they bicker some more. And then some more. It's like they're married they fight so much. Then comes the part with the tragedy, and then comes the part where a bad person gets away with it. Oh, do you think that's too much of a spoiler? Well, that's because you've never seen a Woody Allen crime drama before.

What's the Deal? Is a drama that's actually a parody of itself then considered a comedy by default? That's the question this left me with. Because after Scoop, Match Point and Crimes and Misdemeanors, Allen's fixation on people committing crimes (usually killings) to get or maintain social status has finally run out of gas. Not that he let creative bankruptcy stop him from making comedies, either, but still. It's time for a new theme to strip-mine.

Who's Worth Watching Anyway: All three leads, just happy to get to work with Allen, apparently, do their best to make it look like this isn't a remake of a remake of remake. Wilkinson, especially, makes you forget that you're bored.

What the Title Means: It's the name of a boat that the two brothers buy in the beginning. Then they ignore it. But it is titled that, after all, so you know that eventually it's going to come back into play. It does. So what?

Actor I Wish Allen Would Work With Again: Diane Keaton. He needs her. And after Because I Said So and Mad Money, she needs him, too. Badly.


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