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  • 75

    out of 100

    Entertainment Weekly

    Bullet to the Head doesn't try to adapt its star to 2013. It just pretends that we're still living in 1986. And for 91 minutes, it just about works.

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  • 70

    out of 100

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Like the amped up comeback tour of two rockers who had their heyday sometime in the mid-'80s, Sylvester Stallone and director Walter Hill (48 HRS., The Warriors) join forces for a hard-hitting exercise in beefy, brainless fun with the New Orleans-set actioner Bullet to the Head.

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  • 25

    out of 100

    USA TodayScott Bowles

    Alas, shell casings, switchblades and severed limbs are all that's offered in this vile film, whose sole redeeming quality is that it ends. Eventually.

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  • 20

    out of 100

    Wall Street JournalJoe Morgenstern

    By the end I could have used a Bulleit to the mouth.

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