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… so darn boring …

Who's in It: Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman, Sean Hayes

The Basics: Oh life. It's so precious. We have to run off to the pyramids and drink champagne in France and gamble in Hong Kong before we die, or our lives will be stupid and boring and pointless. To prove this, superrich Jack and his pal Morgan both get simultaneous cancer, bond in the hospital and then spend a lot of Jack's dough jetting off to do all this stuff. Then they die. Oh, you thought they might not? You maybe entertained the possibility that they'd be cured and that the movie wouldn't go for the cheap cry? Sure you did.

What's the Deal? Why do I need to skydive and climb Kilimanjaro? Really, why? Why is it that everyone in a movie who gets a terminal illness suddenly wants to jump out of a plane? Can't screenwriters think of anything equally exhilarating to symbolize the idea of "truly living"? Isn't cancer scary enough to jolt you into the moment? That sort of thing ever happens to me, I might go to Dollywood. But I won't be intentionally scaring the crap out of myself with a chute that might or might not open.

And Another Thing: When will Freeman have enough money so that he can turn down the opportunity to be the Sage? If I hear this man spout one more piece of folksy, homespun wisdom, then I just might go jump out of an airplane.

The Comedy Parts: They have to have been ad-libbed by Nicholson. Any offhand comment he makes in this movie is the exact moment when he steps out of character and seems like the guy he is in real life: the sunglasses indoors guy with that I'm-about-to-steal-your-woman grin on his face. And because everything else here is so darn boring, you welcome his return to cliché.

Better Movie Where Someone Dies of Cancer at the End: Stepmom. And it sucks. But at least in that one you get Susan Sarandon making you cry.


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