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God, this movie is a drag.

Who's in It Parker Posey, Melvil Poupaud, Drea de Matteo, Justin Theroux, Gena Rowlands, Tim Guinee, Josh Hamilton

The Basics: Posey stars as a New York woman in her late thirties who can't quite get it together. She hates her job, she smokes and drinks too much, does it with all the wrongest, jerkiest guys and falls into a depressive spiral because of it. Then she meets a hot French guy and tries to drive him away, too. But she has some great outfits.

What's the Deal? Movies like this … I don't even know who wants to see them. It's a very conventional unhappy-person drama with zero script or direction surprises and a cast that shows up and does their job and leaves. Except for Posey that is, who's always pretty amazing — even here — so you get that whiplash feeling of, God, this movie is a drag. Wow, Parker Posey is great in this movie. And it's back and forth like that for 90 minutes.

Why Posey Is Like a Firefighter: Even more than Kate Winslet, another actress who's often better than the material. Posey can hoist an entire movie onto her tiny shoulders and carry it to safety. So that's what she does; she takes a standard-issue urban-neurosis drama that becomes an I-really-learned-to-love-myself romantic comedy and makes it worth not walking out of. Somehow you're moved by Posey's verge-of-giving-up-and-breaking-into-tears quality even as you're counting the minutes before it's over.

Target Audience: Sex and the City fans gone off their antidepressants and are ready to wallow in it for a while.


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