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The Break-Up Review

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… not necessarily bad

Who's in It: Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Joey Lauren Adams

The Basics: People in movies are always living in way bigger and better-decorated apartments than their characters can afford. So it's completely plausible that Aniston's Brooke and Vaughn's Gary would fight over this one. Now, if only the screenwriters had learned their Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and War of the Roses lessons a little better, this thing might have had some teeth. It's not necessarily bad, it's just not memorable.

What's the Deal? The real movie here is the one about Favreau's character and Vaughn's character reprising the love affair they began in Swingers. These two have more natural chemistry than Vaughn and Aniston do, and the funniest stuff in this movie — there's plenty of it to keep you satisfied — belongs to them.

Hey, Aniston, Don't Make Me Take Back Everything Good I Just Wrote About You: So, if you just read the column I wrote about her, Team Aniston and all that, and then expected to come here and read how much I loved the movie, too, you would be wrong. She's the weakest link here, coming off like the hurt kitten she should vow never to revisit again. Vaughn gets all the good revenge moments and funny lines.

No Spoilers, But: Why does every romantic comedy have to have a moment when everyone gets sad and goes soul-searching? Like, to justify its existence, some studio exec said, "There needs to be a depressing lull between acts two and three so that people will think they've gone on a journey with these characters." And another thing: The ending is abrupt, awkward and unsatisfying.

Who's Awesome Here: Favreau, of course. Justin Long as Aniston's annoying gay co-worker and Judy Davis as Aniston's imperious boss. Oh, yeah, and the frightened-looking blond who's married to Joey Lauren Adams? That's Peter Billingsley, the kid from A Christmas Story. He got older.


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