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Breach Review

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… not what you expect it's going to be.

Who's in It: Ryan Phillippe, Chris Cooper, Laura Linney, Caroline Dhavernas, Dennis Haysbert

The Basics: Young FBI guy (Phillippe) chases old FBI guy (Cooper). Not, like, around the couch or anything. This chase is about spying and selling secrets to other countries, something the bureau suspects Cooper of doing, even though he's as straight-arrow and uptight as a person can be and not squeak when he walks.

What's the Deal? The decent thing about this one is that it's not what you expect it's going to be. I'm bored with Alpha Dog pee-on-the-tree movies where one guy has to take down some other guy, and they end up just running around shooting at each other. This one's moodier than that, less action-y and more about the suspense of who'll find out the other's secret identity first. And then they start shooting at each other.

Percentage of Screen Time You Actually Buy Phillippe as a Grown Man: 70. He's afflicted with PrettyBoyPoutyLipsFace, just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon and others of his species. So it's hard not to look at him and crack up at the thought of him being more than an underwear model who got lucky. But as he gets (slightly) older, it's easier to see him becoming an actual actor. And he tries hard. You can see him trying hard, which I'm sure he got plenty of practice in when he was owned by — sorry, married to — Reese Witherspoon.

Who's Better Than the Movie: Cooper, as the seriously weird and guilt-ridden right-wing agent with a fetish for both betraying his country's national security and making secret sex videos of his wife.

Not Subtle Subtext: It doesn't matter if the government is spying on all of us anyway, because we're all doomed either way.


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