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… actually completely brainless …

Who's in It: Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard, Naveen Andrews

The Basics: Three evil street thugs attack Foster and her boyfriend, Andrews. They kill him and put her in a three-week coma. After waking, she buys a black-market piece. Then it's time to regulate. Weirdly enough, during her three-week brain vacation, New York City's crime rate skyrocketed, so that every time she walks out her front door, someone is waiting to murder her. Good thing she bought that gun. Meanwhile, Howard is a detective who figures out that she's the Lady Terminator. Can he stop her from killing again? Should he?

What's the Deal? Fake brainy movies that are actually completely brainless are a special love of mine. So this one was a total pleasure. It's always fun to watch A-listers get all serious about some "issue," and then you watch it and realize that they don't actually care enough to make a truly serious film about that issue. So if you're one of those people who are like, "Oh, Jodie Foster's so classy and important. I love her," but what you really secretly think is, "How many people does she blow away?" then you're going to have a great time.

Hand-Wringing for the Parade Sunday Supplement: It's hilarious that Foster has given pre-release interviews where she sort of decries violence and bloodlust, even though she's an executive producer on this film and could have swayed it in just about any direction she wanted. Without giving away too much, she and hack-ish producer Joel Silver clearly didn't give the filmmakers any notes that said stuff like, "Make it more complex," or "Avoid lowest-common denominator, vengeance-based stupidity."

Worth Seeing Because: It blatantly steals from Death Wish, Ms. 45, Cruising and even Lady Terminator. Also, you want to hear Foster say crazy stuff to bad guys like, "I want my dog back!" and "Who's the bitch now?!" I promise you do.

Who I Wish Had Directed It: Disturbing Caché director Michael Haneke, who would have stripped this thing down to the bone and made it as upsetting as the subject matter deserves.


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