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… the deaths are fun …

Who's In It: Katie Cassidy, Michelle Trachtenberg, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kristen Cloke, Lacey Chabert, Andrea Martin, Oliver Hudson, Robert Mann

The Basics: All the hot girls had to stay on campus in the sorority house over Christmas break. And so they must die. The good news is that the deaths are fun in that Final Destination way (that's because FD guy Glen Morgan is behing this one too). The bad news is that that's all you get.

What's the Deal: Ever seen the original 1974 version of this movie? It's creepy, and it'll actually scare you. The anonymous killer lives in the house's attic, and he calls the women and says horrible, frightening things to them and makes sick noises. Those phone calls alone will keep you awake at night. This one? You actually get the killer's "backstory" — one designed, I believe, just to give a context for one of the movie's nastiest killings (it involves Christmas cookie cutters). Other than that, there's no reason for you to know anything about this guy.

Other Horror Connections Besides the Final Destination Guy: Well, Andrea Martin from SCTV was in the original as one of the sorority sisters. Now she's back, playing the house mother. And I suppose Michelle Trachtenberg counts since she was on Buffy, which was somewhat horror-ish in nature.

What I Miss the Most: Christmas memories are special. And my fondest one is of Margot Kidder in the 1974 original saying, "You can't rape a townie." Then she gets stabbed with a glass unicorn. No mediocre remake can take that away from me.

Who Should See It: Bored kids on break from school. Grumpy horror fans who want to hate on it no matter what.


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