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Destroy all monsters if you must.

Who's In It: Hitoshi Matsumoto The Basics: A sad-sack middle-aged Japanese man lives a mundane existence as a government employee until one of Japan's ubiquitous giant monsters show up to wreak havoc. Then he turns into a primitive CGI monster himself, a huge, electricity-powered, tattooed, purple underpants-wearing, giant black Eraserhead hair-having warrior who fights back and regularly saves his country from destruction. The problem? No one appreciates him anymore. In fact, they kind of hate his giant guts. What's The Deal: There needs to be really weird movies made like this on a regular basis so that weird movie lovers like myself get their desired fix. In fact, I'm going to go on record requesting that for every Dane Cook, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Robin Williams or John Travolta star vehicle shoved down our throats, Hollywood needs to step it up and balance our film diet with deadpan freak shows like this. To explain the understated "whatever" approach to supermonster battles this movie pulls off would be to ruin its extended joke. Just know that it's both sillier and smarter than we deserve. What It's Really About: Fame fatigue. Instead of Godzilla-style reverence, the population treats its monster-battling hero like an embarrassing nuisance, the kind of welcome-worn cultural figure that would wind up on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. His TV and approval ratings are way down, his agent wants to rent his giant body out for advertising and his fans say that he's losing "his edge" and getting fat. Best Kaiju: That's Japanese for "monster" for you non-Ultraman, Gamera or Gojira nerds. The Giant Eyeball-swinging thing is pretty great. And the Strangling Monster that simply picks up buildings and turns them upside-down is an inspired bit of mockery. That it has a floppy comb-over hairstyle is another nice touch.

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