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Who's In It: Patton Oswalt, Michael Rapaport, Kevin Corrigan

The Basics:A lonely schlub who works in a parking garage ticket box spends every day and night listening to sports talk radio and crafting blistering monologues that he reads when he calls in to his favorite shows each night. On weekends he and his best friend go to stadium parking lots to listen to games on the car radio and be as close to the action as financially possible. One night, while getting gas, the pair see their favorite player on his way to a strip club. They follow the star, approach him, and something horrible happens...

What's The Deal: Don't go to this movie thinking, "Oh, Patton Oswalt, he's so funny. I watched his new stand-up special on TV last week." Because even though this is technically sort of a comedy, it's that bleak, miserablist kind that makes you feel bad when you do find yourself laughing. And Oswalt is so perfect as the abject obsessive that your empathy for his agony will leave you feeling wrung out by the time the final credits roll.

Weirdest Thing About It: As those credits roll you realize that as a viewer you've spent most of the movie judging a guy who didn't need your pity. So for a tiny little indie movie it packs more emotional craziness and mood swings than any major studio drama. In fact, it dares to peel back all sorts of masculinity crisis scabs that usually never find their way onto the big screen. In other words, it's the kind of movie that, at the end of the year, will wind up on some Top 10 lists but will be ignored by the Academy for not being more like Life is Beautiful.

Sitcom Connection: Co-stars Michael Rapaport and Kevin Corrigan were both on Grounded For Life. Not sure what this means, if anything.


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