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… Dullsville.

Who's in It: Rob Schneider, David Spade, Jon Heder, Jon Lovitz

The Basics: A baseball team composed of three men (two of whom are completely physically incapable of playing baseball) takes on full teams of talented players and beats them. If this movie were as funny as The Hot Chick, I might be willing to put aside my disbelief.

What's the Deal? Don't you hate it when movies that want to be as bold, irreverent and anarchic as Caddyshack (or any number of amoral '80s teen comedies) succumb to studio pressure to be PG-13 and shoehorn a tender moral into the middle of it all? I do. That's this movie. We need a "hey kids, don't be a bully" message here because if Rob Schneider says it, then this movie's target audience will go home and be nice to each other from now on.

Advice for Jon Heder: The goodwill you earned from Napoleon Dynamite will only last so long. If you continue to be in movies in which your main character trait is picking your nose, someday you'll wind up wondering why your agent isn't calling that often anymore.

What's Funny About This Mess: Jon Lovitz gets to be his odd self in odd moments, but not often. And David Spade is occasionally good for a sarcastic remark or two. But the script won't let them be themselves enough to save it from Dullsville.

Having Said All That: Because this wasn't screened for the press, I saw it at the first matinee screening with a bunch of kids who should have been in school. They were all about 10 years old, and they all laughed themselves silly. So if you're that age and you haven't seen that many movies, you're going to love it. Go knock yourself out.


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