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… verge-of-tears overwroughtness.

Who's in It: Emmanuelle Seigner, Isild Le Besco

The Basics: An obsessive teenage girl (Le Besco) ends up living in a hotel room with the pop star (Seigner) she worships. She gets to touch the star's stuff, put the famous one's toothbrush into her mouth and drool on it a little; she goes on tampon and drug runs; she gets to wear her beloved's clothes, skinny-dip with her and nearly drown; she's able to interfere in her love life and overhear private chat about clandestine abortions — enough stuff to earn an enterprising person at least a year's income from selling it to the tabloids.

What's the Deal? What's awesome about this movie is that it's French. Not that I'm this big Francophile, but if it had been an American movie, somehow by the end of the film, they'd have both "learned" something. And I hate it when people in movies learn things. Instead, this movie rolls around in the doomed nature of the sudden friendship. The other awesome quality is its verge-of-tears overwroughtness. That's the loony fan experience condensed, really. It's for people who truly believe that they and they alone are the ones who really "get" the celebrity they idolize.

Who Are These People? Seigner is the French actress who's married to Roman Polanski. Le Besco is one of her country's coolest, most unusual young film presences, and she looks like what would happen if you punched Scarlett Johansson in the face. She also has about five times the personality. I kind of fell in love with her the moment her character gets into a slap fight with the celeb of her affection and screams "You'll die like the rest of us!"

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