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Away We Go Review

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Time to grow up.

Who's In It: John Krasinski, Maya Rudolph

The Basics: A shaggy-haired couple three months away from having a baby embark on a road trip to help them decide where to settle down and raise the kid. A few of the locations feature old friends who've turned into total freaks, a few are too depressing to contemplate and a few of them seem to have no problems at all beyond... well... the movie never says. But ultimately they decide that they're too good for everywhere. Except the movie never says that either or you'd think they were smug jerks.

What's The Deal: That last part reads a lot harsher than I wanted it to sound. Which means I'm conflicted about this film. Part of me thinks it's an annoying hipster parenting manifesto. The other part of me was moved by what I know the film really wants to communicate, which is that in order to find your home you have reconcile yourself to your past and get over your fears even though we live in one of the most uncertain times of the past century. And because of that intention, I'm going to resist the urge to dislike these characters and the film's endless parade of unpleasant life options. It indulges in an occasional superiority complex but mostly wants to do good by you.

Who Makes You Forget That Most Of These Characters Are Total Pains: Maya Rudolph will erase any memories you might have of her screaming "GET OUUUUTT!!!" as Donatella Versace on Saturday Night Live. She's responsible for every moving moment and seems most in line with what feels like the true heart of the movie.

Okay, More Stuff That's Annoying: The song score. I sat there thinking, "Is this some Nick Drake song I've never heard? I know it's not Iron & Wine. Who is this?" And the more I questioned it the more I got irritated at how on-the-nose it all came off and how movies like this can't not trot out stuff that sounds just like this to communicate soulful sensitivity. Having said that, there's also a great Velvet Underground song in it and my very favorite George Harrison song, too. See? Conflicted.

Comedy MVP: Allison Janney as the worst, most inappropriate, thoughtless and drunk mom ever.


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