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… the kind of indie film that you want to hate …

Who's in It: Joshua Jackson, Juliette Lewis, Louise Fletcher, Donald Sutherland

The Basics: Joshua Jackson is a go-nowhere kind of guy who meets a go-everywhere Juliette Lewis. He likes her a lot but doesn't want to leave his hometown of Minneapolis because his elderly grandparents, Louise Fletcher and Donald Sutherland, need his help. That's about it. It's kind of like a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, but with lots of swearing and some sex.

What's the Deal? This is the kind of indie film that you want to hate because you know exactly how it's going to wind up. But then they get a decent producer, who knows where to pull money, and they sign some actors with talent and names, and everything gets lifted up to a level you're not expecting.

The Best Scientologist Ever: That would be Juliette Lewis. I'll keep saying it until she gets a plaque with her name on it at the Celebrity Center. She's really funny here, and I kept watching, because I wanted to see what she'd do next.

All Minneapolis, All the Time: If nothing else, this is like the hometown pride movie of the decade. It loves the Vikings, hockey, snowmobiles, Mary Tyler Moore and The Replacements. A lot. Like to the point of having Paul Westerberg make a last-minute cameo.

Indie Movie Wackiness Index: Very low. In fact, it's darker and more somber than most of the movies in the aimless-young-man-redeemed-by-a-good-woman-featuring-soundtrack-by-indie-rock-bands genre.


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