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Apollo 18 Review

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3...2...1...We have anxiety liftoff

Raise your hand if you love believing that The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Bachelor Pad are real. My hand is raised. Therefore, when a movie like this comes out, I am all over it like white on rice. I immediately figure out a way to trick my brain into believing that what I am watching does not star actors, nor did it have a camera crew or craft services. Apollo 18 makes it easy to play this adult game of make-believe, and really delivers a fun, tense experience.

For all you NASA nerds out there, you know that missions to the moon wrapped up with Apollo 17 in 1972. But what's that? There was another hush-hush trip to the big rock in the sky after that, and this movie consists entirely of found footage from that mission? Take my money, please, and make it snappy. Anyone who can suspend their disbelief and play along with this premise is going to have a fantastic time watching this movie. Some spoilers follow, so please just go see the movie and leave this page open on your computer. We'll regroup soon.

The footage used in the movie was an amalgam of actual NASA clips, as well as new clips that were filmed…er, found…for the movie. To this civilian in her movie theater seat, they fit together seamlessly and could all been from NASA for all I know. This helped keep me entirely within the world of the movie, and kept sucking me in like space quicksand. The guys in the movie looked like astronauts, too (which means that they are photogenic while experiencing G-Force). Technically, the movie was so flawless that I had no trouble accepting that maybe they did find this footage, and that the man on the moon is not alone (and in fact, I hope he has locks on his doors).

The movie isn't perfect, unfortunately. It suffers just the slightest bit from "Build Me Up Buttercup" syndrome, because everything leading up to the reveal of what really lives on the moon is so great, when you see what they are, they let me down. Granted, only a little, but I still felt that pang of dismay that has ruined so many other movies of the same nature. Luckily, there were enough other disturbing things about the movie that it all averaged out in the end.


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