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Ant Bully Review

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So much talking.

Who's in It: The voices of Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti, Regina King, Lily Tomlin, Cheri Oteri

The Basics: A bullied kid becomes the bully himself, stomping on an ant colony. The wizard ant — there's always a wizard ant blowing your good time, you know? — shrinks the kid to ant size. Then the queen of the ants makes the kid live with them and learn their ways, cooperating and thinking like an ant. Then the kind has to save them all.

What's the Deal? You've mostly seen it before. It was called Antz. Then it was called A Bug's Life.

What It's Also About: How an evil violent capitalist learns the joys of communal living, conformity and socialism. Either that or a metaphor for George W. Bush being put on trial for war crimes against Iraq.

What's Out of Control, Not Just in This Movie But in Seemingly All Big Studio Animated Features: Do I actually care if Julia Roberts voices an ant? No, I don't. What happened to all the talented anonymous (and cheaper to hire, by the way) voice actors out there who aren't already hugely famous? What are they doing for a living now that the big faces have barged their way into voice work?

What Else is Out of Control: Talking. So much talking. No one trusts the beauty of the animated image any more. They have to fill every single second with non-stop yapping and semi-clever lines. And the reason no one trusts the beauty of the animated image anymore? Because everyone abandoned soft 2D in favor of this cold, stupid, harsh, ugly 3D digital stuff. There. That's off my chest.


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