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Aspergers = Academy Award, please.

Who's In It: Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Peter Gallagher, Amy Irving

The Basics: It's about a guy with Aspergers--if you saw the season of America's Next Top Model that had the girl with Aspergers and how she couldn't function well in everyday interpersonal communication, that's what it is--and how he learns to love. And how his girlfriend learns to love. And let go. And how people come to understand really important stuff about love and letting go and the human condition and mental challenges. That's what mental illness in movies is for, after all. It teaches everyone how to be better. Only they get to do this while wearing really nice sweaters.

What's The Deal: Seriously, what is the problem with movies about people with mental challenges? Why are virtually none of them worth watching? Why do they have as much to do with actual human beings as stuff like Transformers? Sure they're quieter and more intense and the actors are having a great time diving into a role that gives them lots of quirks to work with, but who else is having a good time here? Not me.

Who Makes It Almost Bearable: Amy Irving has a few scenes. She plays Rose Byrne's steel-spined mother who simultaneously stands by her own troubled man while telling her daughter to ditch the literal-minded boyfriend who can't understand jokes. Which leads to another problem--there's no good reason for Hugh Dancy's character and Rose Byrne's character to be together beyond physical attraction, also unconvincingly framed. So who really knows why they love each other so much? You have to count on Byrne's minimal voiceover narration to fill you in on that stuff. I know a guy with Aspergers and he's a lot easier to get along with than any of these characters

Best Part: When Dancy hyper-explains telescopes to a shellshocked stranger at a party. What I'd rather see is a hidden-camera movie of the actor doing that kind of thing to total strangers on the street.


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