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… so tedious.

Who's in It: Ami Ankilewitz and friends

The Basics: Ankilewitz has a rare form of muscular dystrophy that keeps him just shy of 40 pounds. It also makes him kind of a drag to be around.

What's the Deal? OK, let's say it's the result of amateurish documentary filmmaking that makes the story of this 34-year-old so tedious. I mean the worst thing you can say about a guy with a severe disability is that he's pain in the butt, right? But he comes off that way all the same.

And Here's Why: First he fires his female caretaker because she doesn't reciprocate his bug-eyed crush on her. Then, in the middle of a cross-country RV trip to "confront" the doctor who told Ami's mother that his condition meant a near-certain childhood death, he demands that his road-weary friends keep chauffeuring him another 1,500 miles. Of course you're not tired, dude: You don't do anything.

They Forget the Part Where You Need a Story: There's very little going on here. The crush and firing moments are dispensed with pretty quickly, and then comes the road trip, on which nothing happens but an incredibly awkward reunion with an estranged brother, during which the estrangement-causing "issues" are quickly patched up and forgiven.

What Passes for a Climactic Moment: They find the doctor, now 87 and out of it, and tell him how wrong he was to tell Ami's mother that Ami would die young. The doctor says something like, "Yep, I was wrong." The end. Seventy minutes of not much, parading as inspirational uplift.


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