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… wildly violent and splattery …

Who's in It: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Ben Foster, Danny Huston

The Basics: In Barrow, Alaska, the sun sets for a month once a year. Then come the vampires. They chase and eat people for 30 days while the town's sheriff, his estranged wife and some other soon-to-be-midnight-snacks hide and pause the film to have boring conversations.

What's the Deal? In a way, this movie is like 28 Days Later and the Dawn of the Dead remake in that it takes a monster whose habits you think you know well and turns those habits upside down. These are very modern vampires: Gone are the Anne Rice sexual overtones, gone is the slow seduction, gone is the foppishness. These are monsters who act more like werewolves or crazed zombies than traditional vampires, so you get that jolt of newness. It's also wildly violent and splattery when the vampires are feeding — so more points for that. But it's not scary at all, so that's kind of a drag.

Who's Good: Huston, as the leader of the vampires, is nicely creepy. And Foster, as a stranger who warns of the vampire's arrival, has found his acting niche — being a weirdo freak everywhere he goes (see 3:10 to Yuma and Alpha Dog for more proof).

Why It Sort of Still Fails: It wants to be hard and smack you in the face with its ferocity, but it also wants you to care about the people in the town. And you can see Hartnett trying to carry it along. But even with one interesting twist thrown in, the humans are the least compelling part of the movie.

Who'll Like It Anyway: Gore enthusiasts like me who forgive horror films for not being terrifying as long as there are a lot of beheadings; vampire fetishists not hung up on tradition; horror fans who're bored with the Saw movies.


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