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… not so charming …

Who's in It: Morgan Freeman, Paz Vega, Bobby Cannavale, Anne Dudek

The Basics: This is one of those indie comedies about people with little lives and how simple and crankily charming that is. A stern market clerk (Vega) helps Freeman, who plays a sort of down-market version of himself, to whimsically research a role in an indie movie he's doing by virtue of her simplicity and cranky charm. And guess what? It's not so charming when a movie is this in love with itself.

What's the Deal? It was made by Hollywood big shot Brad Silberling, and it stars Freeman, which equals that it ain't really an indie movie — even if it was shot in two weeks for no money, and even if it's about "small" things like the impromptu friendship between a generously boobed, spitfire-y, Salma Hayek-ish nobody who drives a grimy vintage AMC Gremlin and a tall high-water-pants-wearing Morgan Freeman-ish somebody.

Wait a Week, and You Can Put It on Your iPod, Where It's Impish Ways Will Seem Big Compared to the Size or Your iPod Screen: It's getting one of those nearly simultaneous releases on pay-per-view and Internet download and what not.

Avoid Confusion: There's a new sitcom on TV with the same name. So if you find yourself watching it over and over, and you never find Morgan Freeman, then you're not watching this movie.

And Another Thing: I used to work at a supermarket. It wasn't a cute experience. Ever.


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