Zombieland Rises from the Grave in February

Zombieland Rises from the Grave in February

Dec 07, 2009

With all due respect to George A. Romero and his undead oeuvre, Zombieland has become the highest-grossing zombie flick in history with over $85 million worldwide. This pedal-to-the-metal horror comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg as a college student with a list of rules to surviving the zombie epidemic that is sweeping the country and Woody Harrelson as a badass cowboy hell-bent on offing as many living dead as he can. Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin star as conniving sisters with their own effective survival technique, while Bill Murray gives us his funniest screen performance in years playing himself in an extended cameo.

Sony will resurrect Zombieland on DVD and Blu-ray on February 2 with a slew of bonus features. Both versions will have deleted scenes, commentary by cast and crew, a making-of featurette, “Zombieland Is Your Land,” and visual effects progression scenes. The BD has movieIQ and a digital copy, plus a “Beyond the Graveyard” picture-in-picture commentary with behind-the-scenes footage, storyboards and animatics. “It’s a dead man’s party. Who could ask for more?"

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