Watch This Clever, Zombie-Inspired PSA from 'Cube' Director Vincenzo Natali

Watch This Clever, Zombie-Inspired PSA from 'Cube' Director Vincenzo Natali

Oct 05, 2012

Vincenzo Natali may have feature films Haunter and Neuromancer on his immediate horizon (and High Rise a little further off), yet he finds time to direct another project. It's called The Undeading, and it's kind of brilliant.

It may look like the setup for a feature film, but it's actually a PSA sponsored by the Heart and Stroke Foundation that was created to raise awareness about how CPR can save lives. Of course, when you ask the guy who made Cube and Splice to direct a PSA, it's not going to be a boring or feel-good infomercial. It's bound to have a bit more spark to it, and in this case that spark is the zombiepocalypse.

We won't say anything else, we'll just say that it's a very fun, clever way of breathing some new (and important) life into zombies. And if you'd like to know more about the cause it's supporting, head to

[Via Quiet Earth]

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