Zac's Quest, dumb CGI and Bourne, again

Zac's Quest, dumb CGI and Bourne, again

Apr 14, 2009

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    Who’s Jonny? Nothing like starting off the week with an El Debarge reference. Anyway, it’s finally confirmed that Zac Efron will play the James Bond-like kid. The strange thing is that it might not even be called Johnny Quest anymore. Bet that’ll go over about as well as when they wanted to change the name of Snakes on a Plane.
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    Get Real A new TV spot features what I think might be the fake-iest CGI stunt ever: check out out Wolverine flying in the air toward the copter. The bus jump on the freeway in Speed is more realistic.
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    BOURNE 4

    Trick or Tweet The producer blabbed on Twitter that a script will be done by June. Which means the script leak should be on the Web by July and the pirated rough cut available for illegal download by late 2010.
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    TRON 2

    Men in Tights The first photo of an actor in costume is pretty hilarious. I bet they’ll have to cover up a lot of moose knuckle in post.
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    Scott Pilgrim

    Pilgrim’s Progress The director’s got a vlog on the new official site, and in the first installment he reveals what it takes to bring a beloved cult comic to the big screen: apparently the answer is a whole lot of calisthenics.

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