Your Top Three: Seth Rogen Movies

Your Top Three: Seth Rogen Movies

May 07, 2014

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Seth Rogen might not be a great actor. He might be playing the same guy in all of his movies, including his latest, Neighbors. But those movies themselves are not all the same. He's been in comedies of all kinds, mostly, but he's done a few dramatic, science fiction, superhero and animated movies, too.

The last of those might be where he gets to stretch his talents the most because he doesn't have to play a guy who looks like Seth Rogen. He's been a mouse, a praying mantis, a ship captain and an alien blob. He's also voiced another alien and a hobgoblin in live-action movies.

Rogen has also popped up in small roles in movies that you might not count as "Seth Rogen movies." He was in Anchorman and Donnie Darko before he was famous, and he had cameos in Step Brothers and his wife's For a Good Time, Call... after breaking out. He also shows up briefly as a famous fanboy in the documentaries Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope and With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.

For now, let's specifically consider the movies he's acted in, on-screen or vocally. His writing credits include movies he didn't star in, such as Drillbit Taylor and The Watch, for instance. Also sadly, let's stick to movies, even though personally I think he's never done anything better than Freaks and Geeks. He was also my favorite part of that show, especially the beer-keg episode. 

Here are my top three Seth Rogen movies:

Take This Waltz - Leave it to Sarah Polley to bring out anyone's greatest performance, here Rogen's. Credit is also due to her script, which provides him with his most real character yet, as well as the chemistry he has with Michelle Williams, which is perfectly not necessarily a romantic chemistry. I admit, though, as much as I love this movie throughout, he is its weakest element.

Kung Fu Panda 2 - I don't totally remember Rogen's role in this DreamWorks Animation sequel -- as in what he does, not who/what he plays (as I noted above, he's a praying mantis) -- but regardless, this is an underrated feature that slightly improves upon the original Kung Fu Panda. With its cleverly varied formats of animation and impeccable direction, it should have at least shared the Oscar with Rango two years ago. 

Superbad - Rogen's role here is minor, but because he also cowrote the movie and it features Jonah Hill as a miniature version of him (the movie is semiautobiographical and the character is actually named Seth), it's very much a Seth Rogen movie. He's also hilarious as one of the cops. He really should be doing more work with Bill Hader.


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