Your Top Three: Favorite Muppet Characters

Your Top Three: Favorite Muppet Characters

Mar 17, 2014

Your Top Three is a series here at where we choose a topic and you give us your top three picks.

Everyone loves the Muppets. Don't say you don't, because even if it's true, admitting it is like admitting you have no heart. Jim Henson's felt-and-fur creations are pure joy, and they bring us laughter and catchy music and lots of wholesome entertainment. But when we consider how much we love the Muppets, do we really think of them as just a big clump of characters? Is it possible to love just some and not all? 

The easiest answer to your top three is to go with the big three: Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo. Maybe include Miss Piggy as a substitute if you like her (personally, she's always annoyed me). And the hardest might be if you qualify not just the main characters of The Muppet Show and the many Muppet movies. Does Sesame Street count? How about Fraggles and Emmet Otter and various creatures made for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth? Are Yoda and the Ewoks technically Muppets? Is there anyone who wants to make distinction between adult Muppets and their Muppet Babies counterparts? Because Baby Animal is an adorable thin that I barely can associate with crazy drummer Animal.

To be honest, like many of you, my top three changes often. Sometimes I have a thing for Scooter, other times I really like Rowlf. I often come back to the three biggies mentioned above, though almost always I have to fit in the guys at the top of my picks below. 

Here are my top three Muppets:

1. Statler and Waldorf

It's not surprising that a lot of movie critics like this duo, which everybody seems to agree must be counted as a single entity (hey, if they can jointly play a single famous character from A Christmas Carol, they're not being separated here). They're our Muppet counterparts, especially those of us critics who are particularly cynical or snarky. They even had their own movie review show here on the old incarnation of back in the day. 


2. Dr. Bunsen Honeydew 

Is it fair to separate Honeydew and Beaker? They also tend to only come in the pair, but while I always enjoyed Beaker most as a child, I've been warming up to his scientist pal lately. I don't know if it's because he reminds me so much of John Hodgman, but that's certainly been helping.


3. Sweetums

I do love a good full-bodied Muppet, and this ogre is a delight whenever he's on-screen. He's also the only Muppet I've really wished I could see in real life and, most importantly, hug. It's about time he got his own spin-off movie. Or at least another solo musical number. Now!

Your Picks (the top three being Beaker; the Swedish Chef and (together) Statler and Waldorf):































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