Your Top Three: Disney Villains

Your Top Three: Disney Villains

Jun 01, 2014

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The very existence of the new movie Maleficent indicates that the title character is a favorite of all the Disney villains. The self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil is now only the second of her kind to be portrayed in a live-action version made officially by the same studio -- the other being Cruella De Vil in 101 Dalmatians and 102 Dalmatians (there's also the non-Disney movies Hook and Mirror Mirror, which don't count). Of course, she's also the leader of the baddie characters in the Disney Villains merchandising.

If Maleficent is successul this weekend, perhaps the Mouse House will green light some other pictures headed by the baddies of Disney's animated classics. But which ones deserve such a starring vehicle? How about Lady Tremaine? She'll have to wait and see if there's spin-off potential in Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella, in which she's played by Cate Blanchett. Shere Khan? He too is going to be in the flesh again soon, voiced by Idris Elba in Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book, also for Disney.

Whether any others actually get the main gig in a movie the way Maleficent has (portrayed by Angelina Jolie), this is a good time to highlight our favorite Disney villains. Maybe your votes will give the studio a hint.

Here are my top three Disney villains:

1. The Evil Queen - There's never been anyone quite like the original. And the magic mirror on the wall would have to concur. The antagonist from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been the standard model of villainy for these films for 77 years now. It helps that she's got two different incarnations, the Evil Queen and the Witch. Just don't make me pick which is the best version of the villainess between them.


2. Honest John (aka J. Worthington Foulfellow) - Hi-diddle-dee-dee, it's this Pinocchio crook for me. It's not just that he's a fox in an otherwise mostly human world or that he sings one of my favorite Disney songs of all time. There are tons of reasons to love the sly devil, despite the fact that he keeps making money off selling a little naive wooden boy into slavery. Of course, he's incomplete without his coconspirator, the Harpo Marx-like feline Gideon.


3. The Sheriff of Nottingham - I'll always be a sucker for the Disney version of Robin Hood, my all-time favorite of the animated classics in spite of all its flaws. The bad guys in this movie were collectively my initial understanding of what villains are, which might explain why I hate taxes so much (or is that because I'm a freelancer? I forget). Ol' Bushel-Britches gets the slot over Prince John and Hiss because he deals in direct villainy, plus Pat Buttram's twangy voice is locked in my brain as the sound of scoundrel. 


And here are your picks (your top three being Maleficent, Scar from The Lion King and Cruella De Vil):














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