Your Top Three: Action Movies That Still Deserve Sequels

Your Top Three: Action Movies That Still Deserve Sequels

Mar 29, 2014

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A lot of people really love The Raid (aka The Raid: Redemption), though not enough to make it a technical hit in America. Not box office-wise, anyway. Yet now The Raid 2 has been made and is in theaters this weekend. It probably won't do much better in cinemas, even if it does expand to more than its initial seven screens. Still the sequel is certainly deserved (and has received mostly positive reviews, albeit not as positive as the original) and will satisfy the demand of a decently sized die-hard fanbase.

Of course, there are tons of action movies that have deserved a sequel and never got one, movies that are just as beloved as The Raid and maybe made more money, too. Many of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies, for instance, never got follow-ups, in spite of the desire for them. Commando and True Lies, in particular. The former sort of happened -- the planned movie became Die Hard. Interest has resurfaced now that Arnie is back on the big screen, but so far Sabotage is the closest thing we have, almost a spiritual sequel.

We've seen a lot of long-delayed sequels finally produced, and now that even The Incredibles 2 is actually green-lit, any of the others we've wanted could still happen, be they Unbreakable 2, More Trouble in Little China or The Rock 2: Rockier. So, let's name a few of our choices and hope that Hollywood pays attention.

Here are my top three action movies that need sequels:

1. Dredd

This movie is pretty recent, so we've got plenty of time, but its lack of box office success might keep it from easily and quickly happening. Given that many consider it like the American version of The Raid -- or at least close enough to make the actual Hollywood remake unnecessary -- it's only appropriate that this be at the top of all our picks. 


2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

I'm probably this movie's biggest fan, which doesn't bode well for its sequel chances, but there's really no reason this movie shouldn't have a follow-up. It stars two of the biggest celebrities on the planet, and they have great chemistry on screen. The sequel could involve them having kids, but only if screenwriter Simon Kinberg is back to find the kind of satire he gave us for marriage in the first movie.


3. Leon: The Professional

Given that Luc Besson is making all kinds of worthless action movies these days, he needs to actually give the fans what they want with a Professional sequel focused on Mathilda. But obviously only if Natalie Portman is on board. Besson has begun a return to focusing on kick-ass women with the upcoming Lucy, so this would be a natural next projetc for him. 

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