Your Sequel News: Writer Hired for 'Top Gun 2', '21 Jump Street' Sequel in Development, Official Title for 'Cloudy 2'

Your Sequel News: Writer Hired for 'Top Gun 2', '21 Jump Street' Sequel in Development, Official Title for 'Cloudy 2'

Mar 01, 2012

Tom Cruise in Top GunRemember all those rumblings about a sequel to Top Gun? Well, they're one giant step closer to reality this morning.

ComingSoon says screenwriter Peter Craig has been tapped to write the further adventures of Maverick for Bruckheimer Films and Skydance Productions. Craig is best known for penning the script for crime drama The Town.

The hiring seemingly indicates that Paramount is fully committed to the project – which would be a sequel to the 1986 hit, and not a reboot. No plot details have been revealed, but we’ll keep you posted as the story progresses.

The 21 Jump Street reboot hasn’t even hit theaters yet – that happens on March 16th – but apparently Sony has already given the go-ahead on a sequel.

Jonah Hill, who stars and received a story credit on the reboot, told a reporter on the Oscars red carpet that “we are writing the sequel now. We got [the greenlight] by the studio to start writing the sequel.”

No one’s sure who “we” are exactly, but it could be the first film’s screenwriter Michael Bacall reteaming with Hill to work out the direction for a follow-up. Regardless of that, it seems Sony is already high on the film – it’s not every day that  a sequel is announced before the first film lands in theaters. [via Bleeding Cool]

If you’ve been unable to sleep at night because you were curious as to what Sony Pictures Animation was going to title their Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs sequel, prepare for a blissful night of rest this evening. A recently discovered promotional ad for the studio’s upcoming projects shows the film listed as Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers. Kinda catchy. We like it. [via Cinemablend]

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