Your Guide to 'Justice League Dark' and How It Fits Into the Larger DC Universe

Your Guide to 'Justice League Dark' and How It Fits Into the Larger DC Universe

Nov 20, 2015

Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark is a comic book property that holds tremendous possibilities for a movie version. Guillermo Del Toro departed the project back in June, but the latest word from JoBlo is that Fede Alvarez, known for the ferocious Evil Dead remake, and the team of Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, who made the grueling indie horror movie Big Bad Wolves, are the top contenders to direct.

The report also says the project is currently titled Dark Universe. That news arrives after casting possibilities were circulated recently, so we decided to round up everything we know about the movie so far.


How does the movie fit into the DC universe?

The superhero team was first assembled by DC Comics in November 2011. The premise was that the team would include the more offbeat, occult characters, and deal with problems that threatened mankind, yet were not appropriate for the Justice League proper to handle.


Justice League Dark

When did this project originate?

We first heard about it in November 2012, when Guillermo Del Toro was said to be working on a project then titled Heaven Sent, which would team up DC's supernatural characters in "one epic story, working together against some world-threatening mystic evil."


What characters are featured?

Del Toro wanted to include Swamp Thing (humanoid/plant creature, featured in two movies so far), John Constantine (working class British magician, played by Keanu Reeves in a 2005 movie and Matt Ryan in a recent TV series), the Demon (violent humanoid bound to a human), Zatanna (stage magician), the Spectre (policeman who transforms into a nearly invincible creature) and Deadman (ghost of an acrobat).

Other characters touted include Anton Arcane (a villian who plagues Swamp Thing) and Madam Xanadu (mystic and fortune teller).


What actors are under consideration?

Colin Farrell as Constantine, Ron Perlman as Swamp Thing, Ben Mendelsohn as Anton Arcane, Ewan McGregor as the Demon, Monica Bellucci as Madam Xanadu.

In addition, an unidentified comic actor is being eyed as Deadman, along with an actress described as "an unknown up-and-comer" as Zatanna.


When might we see it in theaters?

Warner Brothers is said to be happy with the script Del Toro delivered in November 2014 and would like to start production early next year. That would possibly point to a 2017 release, a year in which the studio already has The LEGO Batman Movie slotted for February 10, Wonder Woman set for June 23 and Justice League Part One scheduled for November 17

So we might have to wait a bit longer, but the possibilities offered by another team of superpowered characters running amuck in theaters is definitely exciting.

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