Your First Wish of 2011 Has Been Granted: Mila Kunis is Now Single

Your First Wish of 2011 Has Been Granted: Mila Kunis is Now Single

Jan 03, 2011

Welcome to 2011 -- the year you finally get a life and stop caring about celebrities standing in line at Starbucks! I always find it funny when people get excited after a celebrity announces that they're newly single, as if they actually have a chance to be next in line. Yeah, Mike from Milwaukee, you'll get your turn. Especially when it's a really good looking celeb like Mila Kunis, who just starred opposite Natalie Portman in Black Swan, and, as she's gearing up for what may be an Oscar nomination, has just announced that she's parted ways from longtime boyfriend MaCaulay Culkin. According to a Kunis rep, "The split was amicable, and they remain close friends." Some have suggested that the split was due to Kunis' star growing rapidly, with the girl quickly rising through the ranks to become a leading lady in the past year. Alternatively, her first role of 2011 is in a film called Friends with Benefits, so maybe that's the direction she's leaning toward. OR, perhaps she just wants to do everything opposite of Natalie Portman, considering the two are total opposites in Black Swan. Case in point: Last week Portman announced she was pregnant and engaged, while today Kunis says she's now single. Hmmm, while we ponder these little nuggets of sheer awesomeness, may I point you all toward MaCaulay Culkin's reaction to the break-up news ...

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