Your Favorite Thing Today: Watch 50 Cent Star in 'Malefiftycent'

Your Favorite Thing Today: Watch 50 Cent Star in 'Malefiftycent'

Jun 09, 2014


It's been 11 years since 50 Cent's album Get Rich or Die Tryin' appeared on the scene. The rapper turned actor is back — and this time he's ready to "Get Witch or Die Tryin'."

The artist appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where a trailer for Malefiftycent was screened — a parody on Angelina Jolie's Maleficent, currently in theaters. It's short and sweet and we can't stop laughing when Fiddy growls his lines. Plus, just seeing him wearing those horns is entertainment enough. The rapper has a new album out called Animal Ambition, but we're kind of lamenting the fact that he didn't make Malefiftycent a reality instead. Enjoy!





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