Your Best Look at 'The Avengers' Mysterious Alien Villain

Your Best Look at 'The Avengers' Mysterious Alien Villain

Apr 19, 2012

Though, technically, Tom Hiddleston's Loki is the main alien villain featured in The Avengers, he'll have some help destroying earth from an alien race that's kinda-sorta related to The Skrulls. We've seen bits and pieces of this race before in freeze-frames of trailers and the like, but here's what is perhaps our best look yet in the form of a collectible action figure from Art Asylum and Diamond Select. 

Via Coming Soon: "As part of Marvel Minimates Series 45, a 2-inch minifigure of Loki’s Army Footsoldier will come out in early May as part of a two-pack with Maria Hill. And be on the lookout for a rare variant set, which will pair the Footsoldier with his even more intimidating General! Then, in July, look for the 7-inch Marvel Select figure of the Footsoldier to hit stores, along with a bridge battle display base that connects to Hawkeye’s display base, forming a larger battle scene!"

Look for this piece to be available in specialty shops this July. 

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