You've Seen 'Looper' -- Now Meet a Guy Who Says He's a Real-Life Time Traveler

You've Seen 'Looper' -- Now Meet a Guy Who Says He's a Real-Life Time Traveler

Oct 02, 2012



With Rian Johnson's Looper fresh in theaters, it doesn't surprise us that the media has turned up a story about a Washington attorney who believes he's been time traveling since the 1960s. Andrew Basiago claims he was part of a secret Cold War experiment known as Project Pegasus that involved 140 children, 60 adults and a whole lot of science-fiction wackiness.

Basiago says he can recite hundreds of facts that prove he was transported back in time, and claims a photo from the Gettysburg Address shows him as a bugle boy on the scene. He says he entered the program in 1969 and that his father joined him for his first jump through time — kind of like that Fringe episode, which explains a lot. The below video details Basiago's journey through energy fields and time-space tunnels. You can read more about his experiences on his website, started as a way to get the government to disclose its teleportation secret so the world can hitch a ride on the same train as Basiago and "achieve planetary sustainability in the 21st century."

If that seems like too much of a commitment to you, just watch the clip. Also, go see Looper. [via Blastr]

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