You've Probably Never Watched This Rare Documentary on Tim Burton's 'Batman'

You've Probably Never Watched This Rare Documentary on Tim Burton's 'Batman'

Jun 23, 2014

It’s hard to believe, but there was once a time when superhero movies weren’t a staple genre in Hollywood. Back in 1989, Warner Bros. gave Tim Burton a bunch of money to make Batman – and 25 years ago today that film opened in theaters, kickstarting a whole new generation of superhero movies while also revolutionizing the ways those films are marketed to the public. 

This nearly 30-minute British documentary on the original Batman is really interesting from a historical standpoint. It’s funny to watch people like Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger talk about Batman and superhero movies like they’re this amazing new concept that's going to wow the world since we now spend countless hours a day talking about upwards of 15 different comic book movies. They were right, though – Batman certainly ushered in the modern era of comic movies.

Clearly a product of its time (it’s hosted by Robert Wuhl and presents Tim Burton as a rock star-esque rebel outsider to the Hollywood system – which really hasn’t been true in years), it’s amazing that Warner Bros. has never managed to snag the rights to this mini-documentary and include it on a DVD or Blu-ray release. The show’s behind-the-scenes footage and interviews make it essential viewing for Bat-fans. 

Celebrate Batman's 25th anniversary by checking out the rare video below.


Bonus: Here's Michael Keaton promoting Batman on David Letterman the night before it hit theaters.



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