You'll Never Guess What That Guy Carved into a Pumpkin This Year

You'll Never Guess What That Guy Carved into a Pumpkin This Year

Oct 23, 2012

Last year at this time we introduced you to Ray Villafane, a pumpkin-carving master who seems to have a thing for the undead. His 2011 tribute to zombies was one of the coolest carving jobs we'd ever seen, and what made the story even better was knowing it was carved into the world's largest pumpkin (at the time), weighing in at 1,818.5 pounds. Here's what it looked like ...

This year Villafane is back and, yup, he's attempting to carve zombies out of the world's largest pumpkins again.

Last year's exhibit was all about zombies clawing their way out of the world's largest pumpkin, but this year Villafane took the zombie out of the pumpkin and presented this pretty amazing (and scary... and disgusting) full-sized, six-foot zombie that shows an incredible amount of gory details, right down to a full stomach of pumpkin guts pouring out of the thing. It almost feels like a direct extension of last year's piece, continuing Villafane's tale of the zombie who came out of a pumpkin.

In terms of specs, Villafane beat last year's pumpkin size; the largest one he used weighed in at 1,872 pounds. He was going to use the world's largest, but it "sprung a leak" according to Villafane.

Check out all the rad and nasty images below. Villafane's 2012 exhibit will be on display at the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx until October 31. 

Images via Jeffrey Scott Villafane and redwingx

[via MyModernMet by way of Flavorwire]


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