You Rate the Sci-Fi Films of 2011: Best Year Ever or Not Even Close?

You Rate the Sci-Fi Films of 2011: Best Year Ever or Not Even Close?

Nov 02, 2011

Since April of the year I've been commenting that it's been a damn good year for science fiction films, but since my cat really doesn't care, I thought it best to put my thoughts into an article. Check these titles and tell if I'm not insane. Or if I am. (I've bolded my own particular favorites for no discernible reason.)

3/4 -- The Adjustment Bureau -- Dark City meets deep love.

3/11 -- Battle: Los Angeles -- Aliens invade Earth ... to kill!

3/18 -- Limitless -- Pharmacological thriller about the dangers of brain pills.

3/18 -- Paul -- Aliens invade Earth ... to hang out!

4/1 -- Source Code -- A man jumps through time, against his will, to prevent a mad bomber.

5/6 -- Thor -- There's some science in here somehwere.

5/13 -- Priest -- Futuristic stuff always counts as sci-fi, right?

6/3 -- X-Men: First Class -- Their powers may be natural, but they have lots of scientific gizmos too.

6/10 -- Super 8 -- Aliens invade Earth ... for nostalgia!

6/17 -- Green Lantern -- I'm hesitant to call this science fiction, as it is based on actual events.

7/1 -- Transformers: Dark of the Moon -- Aliens invade Earth ... for headaches!

7/22 -- Captain America: The First Avenger -- A superhero movie that actually qualifies: science created this guy!

7/22 -- Another Earth -- Duplicate planets and misery!

7/29 -- Cowboys & Aliens -- Aliens invade Earth ... for nothing!

7/29 -- Attack the Block -- Aliens invade Earth ... to get their ass kicked!

8/5 -- Rise of the Planet of the Apes -- Now we learn how the apes took over. (It was our fault. And science's.)

9/2 -- Apollo 18 -- A horror flick inside a space shuttle counts as sci-fi. Too bad this flick stinks really bad.

10/7 -- Real Steel -- If boxing robots don't count as legitimate sci-fi, then I'm just crazy.

10/14 -- The Thing -- Aliens invade Earth ... for redundancy!

10/28 -- In Time -- Anything that borrows subplots from Logan's Run is science fiction.

12/21 -- The Darkest Hour -- Aliens invade Earth ... for good! (I think.) The trailer is pretty cool either way.

What have been your favorite sci-fi films of 2011, and how do you think this crop of flicks stack up against 2010, 2009 and so on?


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