You Have to Watch This Martial Arts Movie Starring a Baby

You Have to Watch This Martial Arts Movie Starring a Baby

Nov 07, 2012

Already well known for his 2010 viral video Iron Baby -- in which he transformed his baby daughter into a miniature Iron Man who fought stuffed animals to the death --  amateur filmmaker Patrick Boivin is back with a new video that tops that one. It's called Dragon Baby, and this time he recruits his infant son Romeo Elvis Bulte Boivin (now that's a name!) in a hilarious short film that's like Enter the Dragon meets Kill Bill meets Toy Story. Watch as Romeo Elvis fights off his stuffed dragon using an assortment of kick-ass moves.

The video has only been live for five days and it's already amassed over 12 million views, which is pretty incredible. If Hollywood hasn't knocked on Boivin's door yet, expect them to soon. We want a Dragon Baby movie pronto!

In addition to Dragon Baby, you can check out Iron Baby below. Now someone tell Boivin to have another kid so we get a new video. 

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