You Decide: Is This Video Fake, Movie Viral or 'Men in Black' in Real Life?

You Decide: Is This Video Fake, Movie Viral or 'Men in Black' in Real Life?

May 07, 2012

Here's a fun little video to get your week off to a controversial start. If this video is to be believed, a Canadian hotel worker who claimed to have witnessed a UFO sighting was visited by two real-life men in black earlier this year who seem to have more in common with The Observers from Fringe than Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones from the Men in Black films, but nevertheless it's still a pretty odd story.

According to this guy - who provides hotel security cam footage as proof - these two identical-looking men in black suits came looking for him at work, and when he wasn't in, began asking his co-workers questions, freaking them all out. Apparently they were bald, had no facial hair and could read minds. Yeah. Exactly. When you google around a bit, there are a couple of videos (one with audio and one without) and there's some weird document explaining the entire situation, complete with UFO description. We have a hard time buying the whole thing, but if it helps get you in the mood for Men in Black III later this month, then at least it accomplished something.

So what do you think? A hoax? A viral video for Fringe or Men in Black III? Or ... [via io9]

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