You Decide: Does This Video Confirm Matthew Vaughn Is the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Director?

You Decide: Does This Video Confirm Matthew Vaughn Is the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Director?

Nov 28, 2012

Word is still out on who will be directing that all-too-important first Star Wars sequel, set for release in 2015, and so far many names have circled the rumorville, some more viable than others. With several folks already out of contention, fans continue to zero in on those who are still in the realm of possibility, like Joe Johnston (my personal choice) and Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass). The latter was briefly removed from the equation after others swore he was working on different projects, but he keeps coming back into play -- perhaps more than ever before with the release of this new video.

It's a brief interview with actor Jason Flemyng, who's been a longtime collaborator of Vaughn's, appearing in all four of the films Vaughn has directed. Toward the end of the video, someone asks about Star Wars and Flemyng makes like Vaughn is already directing it. Soon after realizing the news isn't out there, he backtracks, but because he acts sort of silly the entire time it's hard to tell whether he was being serious or just having some fun with the rumors.

Naturally, until Lucasfilm and Disney are ready to make an official announcement, no one (not even Flemyng, if he's asked again) will give up the truth, but this is definitely a peculiar twist in the search for a Star Wars director. In terms of how big of a Star Wars fan Vaughn is, our buddy Drew McWeeney over at HitFix recently tweeted some interesting tidbits he learned while visiting Vaughn on the set of Kick-Ass.



Will all of this add up to Vaughn taking the gig, or will it be another dead end? Only time will tell, my Jedi friends. Would you be happy if Matthew Vaughn is the Star Wars: Episode VII director?

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