You Can Watch 12 Great Sundance Film Festival Shorts Online Right Now

You Can Watch 12 Great Sundance Film Festival Shorts Online Right Now

Jan 17, 2013

It could get rather depressing watching the onslaught of Sundance Film Festival coverage pour across the Internet as you sit home in your pajamas unable to watch any of the movies everyone keeps blabbing about. That’s beginning to change in recent years, though, as more film festivals make movies available online at the same time as their big, splashy festival premiere.

Sundance is one of those fests that really started it all, and not only does it feature a traveling road show of sorts – bringing a select amount of its features to various cities across the country while they’re premiering at the fest – but Sundance also makes a lot of its short films available online for you to watch at your leisure. This year, in a partnership with YouTube, Sundance has uploaded 12 short films to YouTube’s Screening Room, with all 12 available to watch right now.

We’re talking short films like Broken Night, which comes from the team of Guillermo Arriaga (21 Grams, Babel) and cinematographer Janusz Kaminski (Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan). Check it out below.

Or here’s one of my favorites, The Apocalypse, about an end-of-the-world scenario where a person's head literally explodes whenever they have an idea. This one stars Martin Starr, is NSFW, and really funny.

You can check out all 12 short films right now, and bookmark THIS PAGE for all our 2013 Sundance Film Festival coverage.

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