You Can Now Buy the Cooler Hoverboard from 'Back to the Future Part II': Griff's "Pit Bull"

You Can Now Buy the Cooler Hoverboard from 'Back to the Future Part II': Griff's "Pit Bull"

Feb 12, 2013

Back to the Future nerds everywhere have gone a little nutty in recent years with news that we're inching closer to the hoverboard technology featured in Back to the Future Part II. Not only that, but Mattel just recently put out a knockoff toy version of Marty's hoverboard from the movie (for the ridiculous price of $140, no less), and so those BTTF fanboys have something to obsess over while they wait for either a real hoverboard to come along or for Nike to finally perfect the self-lacing shoes we're all dying to own. In the meantime, while fans endlessly complain about Mattel's crummy hoverboard toy, the more exciting hoverboard from the Back to the Future sequel is now on sale over on eBay for the much more reasonable price of $13,000. Oh c'mon!

We're of course talking about Griff Tannen's badass "Pit Bull" hoverboard that he uses to chase after Marty in a sequence that ends with Griff (and his cronies) flying through the windows of a building and getting arrested. The selling point on this version is that it's an actual prop created for (but not used in) the movie and not some knockoff toy with whooshing sounds built in. 

Here's the description from eBay:

This is an original prototype "Pit Bull" hoverboard made to be used by Griff Tannen in the second installment in the classic trilogy. The board is 36" and made of solid wood. The body is painted black with red accents and features outrigger rocket blasters made of wood and resin, metal heat shields and three towing rings where the handles for his gang would be mounted. The circular discs on the bottom are the vaccu-form anti-gravity plates.  The rear foot pad component is missing from the top of the board. This is was one of the original hero prototype versions designed by the art department for Back to Future Part II.  We received this board from the original designer on the film that created the "Pit Bull" logo. Was not seen on screen and used on camera.

Kinda bogus they're selling a prop that wasn't seen on camera for $13,000, but that's how it goes. While we'd love to own this sucker, unfortunately we're gonna hold out for the less expensive Mattel version that we can complain about along with all the other broke-ass fans.

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Additionally, here's a really fun animated video going around called Back to the Future in 60 Seconds ...


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