Disney Confirms 'Star Wars' Stand-alone Movies; Yoda Rumored to Be First One

Disney Confirms 'Star Wars' Stand-alone Movies; Yoda Rumored to Be First One

Feb 05, 2013

Update: See a video below from CNBC in which Bob Iger confirms that both Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg are working on two individual stand-alone Star Wars movies that will drop during the six-year period that will also see three more Star Wars sequels hit theaters, beginning in the summer of 2015.

The fanboy-friendly site Latino Review dropped a big (but still hypothetical) bombshell this week regarding where Disney and Marvel would be taking Hulk in the Marvel cinematic universe. It's all rumor at this point, but it was enough to cause a freak-out about the possibilities. And while it made every Marvel geek look to the future, It had this geek wondering about the past. There was a time when Ain't It Cool News, the original fanboy mecca, broke all the major rumors about geek-friendly blockbusters, but it's seemingly been years since it has had a bombshell like Planet Hulk on its hands.

Apparently AICN head honcho Harry Knowles felt the same way. Coincidentally and without any cited source or detail whatsoever, Knowles posted a rumor about another massive property at Disney about a green guy in outer space: Yoda is getting a stand-alone Star Wars movie.

Of course, this is not the first stand-alone Star Wars movie talk we've heard since Disney came out of left field and bought Lucasfilm. Zack Snyder's Jedi as Seven Samurai movie was the first rumor to ring that bell, and that was denied immediately. So, there's no reason to believe Knowles when he says a Yoda movie is coming. But as a longtime movie nerd who loves his Web roots, I'm going to be wistful and nostalgic and entertain the idea that AICN might actually get back to its own roots and break some cool news.

Then again, is a solo Yoda movie cool news? Does anyone really need to see a big-screen origin story for the squishy green guy? Isn't he best left to popping up from time to time (hopefully as a puppet and not a CGI blur)? You tell us. Or, rather, you convince us, because so far it doesn't sound cool at all.

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