Yo, Adrian! They Did It!

Yo, Adrian! They Did It!

Jul 10, 2009

Rocky Main

The first Rocky movie came out in 1976 and, for those who have lost count, there are now six movies in the enduring Sylvester Stallone series. The most recent film, 2006’s imaginatively titled Rocky Balboa, was a surprisingly decent (final?) entry. Both that movie and the original are currently available on Blu-ray, but fans of Mr. T, Dolph Lundgren and all the other opponents in the sequels in between have had to dust off their DVDs and wait for the home-video knockout. The big punch will come on November 3 in the form of Rocky: The Undisputed Blu-ray Collection. The seven-disc set will include all six Rocky movies and features the BD debuts of Rocky II, III, IV and V. This comprehensive high-definition set could be the very last bout for the Italian Stallion on disc…unless Stallone dusts off the gloves for another round in the theaters.

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