Yes, One Network Is Actually Making a 'Hunger Games'-Style Reality Show

Yes, One Network Is Actually Making a 'Hunger Games'-Style Reality Show

Dec 13, 2012

See, a movie like The Hunger Games is tough because the whole premise of it is difficult to exploit across other mediums. So you have this monster franchise that's poised to do even better than the Twilight series, but you can't exactly find real-life situations where kids are killing other kids and use it for a pop-centric reality TV show. Ah, but the CW will find a way. When Twilight hit it big, the network debuted The Vampire Diaries. Now, with The Hunger Games turning into a money-making beast, it is introducing a new reality show called The Hunt. 

Unfortunately for network television, you can't kill other people and get away with it... yet, unless it's pretend. I know, this must totally bum out execs, but the law is the law. So, instead of a show that makes kids kill each other, they've borrowed all of the other elements from The Hunger Games for a show that's being described as an "intense wilderness competition." According to THR, it will take place over the course of one month and feature 12 teams of two that are dropped off in the middle of the wilderness and left to fend for themselves with no food, water or shelter. They must then figure out a way to survive while also "capturing" one another. One imagines the last team remaining wins.

There's no mention of The Hunger Games anywhere near the original story, but it's pretty obvious where the inspiration for this show came from. That, and probably something like Survivor. There's no premiere date set yet, though it'd be smart of the CW to debut it in the fall once buzz is at its highest for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, due in theaters November 22, 2013.

Will you watch?

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