Yes, 'Bill & Ted' and 'Edge of Tomorrow' Sequels Are Definitely Happening

Yes, 'Bill & Ted' and 'Edge of Tomorrow' Sequels Are Definitely Happening

Apr 08, 2016

Bill & Ted 3 Is Planning Another Excellent Adventure

The good news for fans of the Bill & Ted movies is that, yes, a third installment actually looks like it's going to happen. Despite its vague up-in-the-airishness these past few years, Alex Winter (Bill) is now sounding a lot more confident, revealing the sequel could begin shooting as early as this fall.

"It’s looking good," he tells Forbes. "This is Hollywood so I don’t believe it’s happening until it’s coming out on VOD but we’re all working on the film everyday at the moment in terms of the pre-prep type work so it’s an active project. Hopefully we’ll be shooting it shortly."

The fact they're working on it every day is a great sign, and to further the excellence of this news, Winter also confirms that Keanu Reeves (Ted) will be back ("How the **** would we make it if he wasn’t on board?"), as well as other cast from the original and some new folks, too. Though George Carlin is no longer with us to reprise the role of Rufus, we wouldn't be surprised to see some of the historical figures who teamed up with them in the 1989 original. Paging Al Leong!

Last we heard regarding plot details was back in 2012, when Reeves suggested they'd be traveling into the future to fulfill their musical destiny. Is that still the case? We'll know soon!


Edge of Tomorrow 2 Is Happening with Doug Liman Directing

It likely won't be called Edge of Tomorrow 2 (or Live. Die. Repeat. The. Sequel.), but a follow-up to the Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt-starring sci-fi movie that was like an alien-invasion version of Groundhog Day is now in the works.

They've hired Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse to write the script, while the first film's director, Doug Liman, will return as well. Christopher McQuarrie, who wrote Edge of Tomorrow, will also be involved in the scripting process as he readies the next Mission: Impossible movie, also with Cruise.

No word on plot or returning castmembers at this point, though we assume both Cruise and Blunt will be back. The biggest question mark here is the script, as the concept of repeating the same day over and over again was already explored in great detail, so how do you evolve that premise so that it offers a new approach? Will time travel be introduced? What say you?

No release dates have been announced for either movie at this time.

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