'X2: X-Men United' Originally Had Sentinels and Here's What They Looked Like

'X2: X-Men United' Originally Had Sentinels and Here's What They Looked Like

Jun 09, 2014

X2 Sentinel Concept Art

The biggest disappointment (aside from X3) in the entirety of the X-Men movie series up until this summer has been the lack of Sentinels. These giant, mutant-hunting robots have been fan favorites in the comics, but no one ever bothered putting them in a movie until Days of Future Past. Yes, after nearly a decade and a half of waiting, we finally got Sentinels on the big screen. It was glorious.

However, Days isn’t the first time Fox flirted with bringing the beastly bots into the franchise. An early draft of X2: X-Men United featured the characters, and concept art was commissioned before the whole idea was scrapped. Artists Ricardo Delgado and Guy Hendrix Dyas turned in their visions of the terrifying robots – and the reaction was at least a little underwhelming according to Delgado:

“The Sentinels were considered briefly for the X-Men sequel, and I drew up a version to a great collective yawn from everyone involved."

While Delgado and Dyas’ versions weren’t used, we can still see what might have been in these sketches. My initial take is that most of them look way too much like a giant Terminator, and the idea of them turning into huge balls feels like Transformers. The designs aren’t awful – but they aren't exactly the Sentinels as comic fans have come to know them, either. I imagine fans would have been disappointed if these had turned up in the film.

That being said, it wasn’t necessarily the designs that got the Sentinels axed from X2 – it was also the budget. Comic Book Movie states that adding Sentinels to that film’s mix would have tacked on another $8 million to the budget. That’s a lot of money for something that didn’t wow executives in the concept reveal.

Ultimately, things appear to have worked out for the best. Days of Future Past’s Sentinels aren’t prefect re-creations of the comic versions, but they do look pretty cool. I almost wish someone had taken the new film’s Sentinel bodies and slapped the Delgado and Dyas heads on them, and made them huge. That might have been close to perfect.

What do you guys think? Are you happy with any of these Sentinel designs? Check out more designs over at Film Sketchr.

X2 Sentinel Concept Art

X2 Sentinel Concept Art




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